Interactive Creative Elements . . . for your next retreat



Do you view the gospel as too good to be true?

Are you captured by this amazing love?

Have we become numb to amazing things because we have seen everything, heard everything, and don’t need to learn anything new?

Can the gospel be new to me?

Can I learn something new about this God that I known and studied for a long time?



The Mission

Wondern Awe is a creative endeavor of encouraging one another to have a bigger vision of who God is.

The Model

Brene Brown writes, “We are born makers. We move what we are learning from our heads, to our hearts, through our hands.”

The Method

We believe we can achieve head to heart movement through intentional practices.

Some of the practices we use at our retreats will be an interactive journal, structured creative activities that will leave you encouraged, comforted, and stretched by Jesus.