How to Make a Cover for a Traveler’s Notebook

So you subscribed to our journal, you received your free printable, now you should make a beautiful hard cover!   This is a very simple bookbinding tutorial and a step by step guide to creating a hard cover for your drawing sketchbook.  Here's one we made with a boast motif stamped on the front and a pop [...]

Enchanted Reality: a drawing advent liturgy with a free printable!

How do these busy homeschooling moms plan to make time for liturgical worship?  Good question.  We've been asking ourselves that question and wanted to share with you our answer.  Here are a few ways that we are getting ready for our liturgical drawing challenge. HOW TO get a dose of sanity through the liturgy of [...]

a drawing liturgy for advent

In August, we launched our first drawing challenge "Drawn to the Light".  We called this a 'challenge' because that was the word we found attached to other 30 day commitments that swirled around Pinterest and the like.  But, as we participated in our own challenge, and then the well followed "Inktober", we felt the need [...]

Enchanted Reality

Enchanted Reality

Last year, in preparation for the "Abide" retreat we were working on for our church, our pastor's wife, Barbara Juliani, gave us each a copy of Rankin Wilbourne's book, Union with Christ.  In this book, Rankin says we need to have a big imagination to comprehend who God is. I love that. Our biggest takeaway from [...]

more #drawntothelight

Our friends, Mick and Cathy Sander , joined in our Drawn to the Light 30 day challenge, and here is some of their work. So fun!Day 13: summer night Day 8: try paint  Day 9: fire fliesDay 10: sleeping porchDay 7: flashlight Day 12: gathering of moths  thanks guys for sharing your art work and being gripped with [...]



We wrapped up our 30 day challenge with a small gathering of sharing our artwork. It was so good to hear and see the many different ways this challenge was approached. Everyone had something they were challenged with and something they were blessed by. So fabulous.   Day 21: Eclipse by Melissa Tomko and kidsDay [...]