How to Make a Cover for a Traveler’s Notebook

So you subscribed to our journal, you received your free printable, now you should make a beautiful hard cover!   This is a very simple bookbinding tutorial and a step by step guide to creating a hard cover for your drawing sketchbook.  Here’s one we made with a boast motif stamped on the front and a pop of pink for the interior paper binding.

Your supplies you need are:

  • 2 Cardboard pieces 11×21 cm or 4.33″x8.25″
  • 1 cardboard spine
  • 1 black spine paper 3″x 11″
  • 2 gray pieces
  • stamp and ink
  • 2 inside colored papers 20 cm x 23 cm or 8″x9″
  • 1 booklet bound


  1. Stamp a design on card stock.  We used shades of gray.  Set aside and let dry. *Helpful Tip: Even though you will be cutting some off, stamp the entire page of both pieces of  cardstock.

20171128_2209362.  Sew: Using binding thread or embroidery floss, sew booklet along it’s spine.      *Helpful Tip:  Make sure to make knots in the back


3. Glue cardboard pieces to wrong side of stamped card stock . Next trim cardstock at corners, fold and wrap around cardboard and glue.   The end result should look something like this.  *Helpful Tip: Use a paper plate and a foam brush to apply a very thin layer of glue evenly on the cardboard’s surface. Gently smooth the paper so that there are no bubbles or ripples.

Trimmed and partially wrapped cardboard.

4. Glue cardboard spine to the middle of the black spine paper and glue black spine paper to both covers.  Lay them out flat like this first, then folding the black paper over and glue it down so it looks like image 2.


  1.  Fold the colored papers in 1/2 so that the folded paper is 4.5″ x 8″.  Glue the one half on the front inside cover, with the color or pattern facing out.  Then glue a thin line near the fold, this will be the attachment to the booklet.  it should come up over the inside page, many old books implement this style.20171130_135205

5. Close book carefully and align, let dry and repeat on other side.  After a little printing, cutting & gluing, you should have a fabulous little hard covered sketch journal!


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