a drawing liturgy for advent


In August, we launched our first drawing challenge “Drawn to the Light”.  We called this a ‘challenge’ because that was the word we found attached to other 30 day commitments that swirled around Pinterest and the like.  But, as we participated in our own challenge, and then the well followed “Inktober”, we felt the need to choose a different word for these exercises.   Participation in these exercises is more than just a challenge, it is a reset, a good chiropractic adjustment of mind and soul.

Therefore, we are calling our next drawing exercise a “Liturgy” because we feel this is what daily drawing, as a practice, is for us. It is a participation in the sacred, for a spot of sanity.  As we quickly approach advent, we feel there is no better time for this discipline to be introduced into our daily routine.  Our hope is that by joining us in this drawing liturgy, it will give you a sacred space to process what you know in your head, and in using your hands, move this knowledge to your heart. (h/t Brene Brown)

So, without further ado, we present the daily prompts for an enchanted reality advent . . .


We created Enchanted Reality: a drawing liturgy for advent  because we want to reclaim the magic of Christmas and meditate together on our union in Christ as an enchanted reality.   Our hope is that by practicing this specific Liturgy with us, you will be able to think through the deeply wondrous, mystery of the gospel story.  Our hope is that while you draw, you will be processing the fairy tale that is our salvation.   (See our previous post all about this.)

The guidelines:


In our next post, we will share how we are personally preparing for this advent liturgy.  We are also very excited to share a free printable that we created to use with this Liturgy, so look for details in next week’s post.  Christ the King is coming!  Rejoice!


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