#drawntothelight daily prompts

day 1 Sharpie on Post-It

day 2 the moon

day 3 one moth

day 4 three colors

day 5 paper lantern

day 6 glow-in-the-dark

day 7 flashlight

day 8 try paint

day 9 fireflies

day 10 sleeping porch

day 11 black & white

day 12 gathering of moths

day 13 summer night

day 14 field

day 15 start with a circle

day 16 forest

day 17 ocean

day 18 window

day 19 cut paper

day 20 stars

day 21 eclipse (you saw that one coming, right?)

day 22 mushrooms

day 23 black paper

day 24 the sun

day 25 street lights

day 26 repeating pattern

day 27 eyes

day 28 candle

day 29 pencil

day 30 camp fire

We are intentionally keeping these prompts general so that there is loads of room for interpretation.  Sometimes it will be directing in what materials to use, and sometimes it will be subject matter.

Click here for the #drawntolight Pinterest Board

Check back daily for prompts as we will be adding them to this post.

Please share your work and enjoy the doodling!

#drawntothelight #WnA #30daychallenge

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