the THANK YOU card

I was raised to write thank you cards. It is a great exercise in thinking through what you have received and appreciating the people in your life. Growing up, it was a chore, which I am sure  my kids are experiencing now, but it was for me, and I am banking on it being for them, a discipline in exercising a muscle of thanksgiving, and well frankly, manners.

I am not consistent in this discipline. I am so grateful that this past Christmas season, I was able to have time to sit and make thank you cards.

Being an artist, I often feel the pressure of creating artwork for cards, and well truthfully, sometimes the creative juice ain’t there, and time is never on my side. Oy.

As I really wanted to use the time I did have to write a note to each person, and I also wanted to play with my new  Gansai Tambi watercolors  , I used this exercise to create a stack of thank you notes.

Abtract 1.2.3. Exercisefullsizeoutput_108d


  • fullsizeoutput_1093watercolor paper cut into 12 2.5×3.5 cards
  • watercolor paints
  • assortment of brushes
  • water
  • papertowel
  • gluestick
  • 12  3×4 kraft (or prefered color) cardstock  cards with envelopes

** Here is a slightly larger set,  I found mine at Target Dollar Spot. **


 step one

Spread out the watercolor cards.fullsizeoutput_1095

step two

Choose a shape or line to paint. Paint the same on each card. For example, I began with an orange circle, so I painted an orange circle on each card. (Yes, it can be anywhere on each card.)


fullsizeoutput_1092step three

Repeat this “game” with different colors, shapes, lines. For example:3 green straight lines, 2 turquoise curved lines,  5 tiny pink circles


***I did mine over a couple days, don’t rush it, enjoy it***
step four

When dry, glue onto cards.

step five  

Write sweet thank you note.

step six
and post.

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