Art Camp 2016

Just finished the first two one-week art camps of Wondern Awe. Next year we hope to add more weeks, since each week is capped at 8 students. (Sign up to be on our email list if you are local and interested in art camp 2017!)

It is really fun to see how excited kids get about drawing and painting.

This camp was entitled “From Sketch to Masterpiece”. Each students was to bring 2-5 sketches/doodles/drawings with them from home to use as the basis for one original “Masterpiece” painting on an 9×12 canvas. This was exciting for the kids because they were painting their ideas, not what some adult was telling them to do. Ha.

We worked on the paintings step-by-step each day, and also looked at a few artist sketchbook examples and masterpieces.

IMG_2243Each student had a booklet(of course) with drawing exercises for each day. I think I will never get tired of teaching line, shape, and color. We also watched some Planet Earth for some inspiration; it will always go back to those swimming Pucci scarves for me.

Camp in a nutshell:


  • Master painter’s sketchbooks (Leonardo DaVinci, PaulGauguin, and Mark Tansey)
  • God’s creation (Planet Earth documentary)


  • step by step from sketch to finished painting
  • line, shape, and color


  • 9×12 canvas
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • color pencils
  • pencils
  • good erasers, NOT pink
  • sketchbook booklets with drawing exercises for each day

Can’t wait for next year!



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